Resident Evil 6 Gets Patched Up In December


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Resident Evil 6 took a beating from critics and players upon its release. I found the game to be pretty fun, but it definitely has some issues. Capcom can't really fix a lot of said issues so they're going to do the next best thing - release a lot of free content.

Capcom detailed a patch hitting Resident Evil 6 in December that adds a number of new features and even some new and expanded content. The major addition, of course, is that Ada Wong's campaign can now be played from the start without having to play through the other three campaigns first. Players will also get a little help in Ada's campaign as a new co-op partner has been added.

The game will also be receiving a field of view update to allows players to take in more of the environment. It will be incredibly helpful for those who want to see more than just what's immediately in front of them. The new FOV settings are still being developed, however, and Capcom says they may change before the update is released.

The other major update is a new "No Hope" difficulty setting for those who found the game to be too easy even on professional. It should help extend the replay value for those who have already beaten the game multiple times.

Capcom will continue to monitor feedback and implement changes as they see fit. It won't change the game's lack of atmosphere, but it should make it more enjoyable to play. As for the PC version, Joystiq reports that a release date is still up in the air.