Resident Evil 6 Demo Hits Xbox Live And PSN Today

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Resident Evil 6 is one of the more popular titles to come out this holiday season. The demo that shipped with Dragon's Dogma was an absolute blast, but it was rather limited in scope. Capcom promised a much meatier demo that gives us more time with all three characters, and that demo launches today.

Capcom announced that the Resident Evil 6 demo is now out on Xbox Live. The demo would normally show up on the PSN later today with the weekly update, but it's apparently available now. Gamers are reporting that PS3 owners should just search for Resident Evil 6 on the PSN, and it should show up.

The demo in question will allow players to go through a small section of all three main campaigns. The first features Leon and Helena as they make their way through Ivy University. This is the part of the demo that Conan O'Brien fearlessly tackled last week.

Chris Redfield will be making his way through the streets of Edonia. If it's anything like the previous demo, expect a lot of big bio-terror monsters that are more like classic Resident Evil monsters. The final demo features newcomer Jake as he takes on the new Javo enemies on the streets of Lanshiang.

Resident Evil 6 has a lot resting on its shoulders. Many fans, including yours truly, were disappointed by Resident Evil 5. It was a great game, but it just lacked the magic that previous games had. The previous Resident Evil 6 demo I played brought back the tension that the series was previously known for. Old school fans are going to especially love Leon's campaign as he fights classic zombies.

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