Remember Me Gameplay Trailer Debuts at Gamescom

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Gamescom hasn't even officially started, but Capcom is already getting out ahead of the trade show with some big announcements at their press conference. Today the publisher announced a new IP called Remember Me, a third-person cyberpunk adventure game.

In Remember Me, players take on the role of Nilin, an elite "memory hunter" who has the ability to break into the minds of other people and steal or alter their memories. She is, of course, also highly trained in martial arts. Capcom states that when Nilin has her own memory erased, she "begins her journey to reclaim her identity and discover show she can change the world."

The title is being developed by a French developer called DONTNOD Entertainment. It is set for a May 2013 release for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC platforms.

Take a look at the trailer below to see gameplay footage from Remember Me. The ability for Nilin to "see" the digital infrastructure of the city she finds herself in is reminiscent of another game, Watch Dogs, that was previewed at E3, and her building-scaling ability is obviously inspired by the Assassin's Creed series. It also features a preview of something becoming more rare in modern gaming: a big budget title that isn't a sequel.

Considering the popularity of Deus Ex: Human Revolution last year, the Watch Dogs trailer at E3, and the announcement of a Cyberpunk RPG video game, it seems as if the cyberpunk genre is finally making a comeback. The genre has been largely dormant for nearly a decade, ever since The Matrix trilogy managed to run it into the ground.

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