Redskins Name: Most People Still Support The Controversial Name And Want It To Stay

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Despite the controversy that has surrounded the name of the Washington Redskins throughout the history of the franchise, it has been stated the most people would support keeping the name the way that it is.

The name has received plenty of criticism over the years, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell continues to insist that the name honors Native Americans, and even said that nine out of 10 Native Americans support the name.

The Redskins name has been in place for many years, and some people simply feel that if it has lasted this long, there is no harm in keeping the name around.

The name has continued to draw criticism, and made big headlines during the 2013 NFL season when the name Washington Bravehearts started trending in the news, although it was simply a hoax, and the team did not end up changing their name.

Roger Goodell made a statement recently regarding the Redskins name, and said "The Washington Redskins name has … from its origin represented a positive meaning distinct from any disparagement that could be viewed in some other context. For the team’s million of fans and customers, who represent one of America’s most ethnically and geographically diverse fan bases, the name is a unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride and respect.”

In addition to the controversy that has surrounded the team's name over the years, the team completely fell apart over the past season, and Mike Shanahan was fired as a result, with his son Kyle Shanahan, who serves as an assistant coach, may be leaving the coaching staff too.

The team lost their franchise quarterback to injury during last year's playoffs, and he struggled to perform over the 2013 season, which was a large factor to why they only won a few games all season.

Whether or not a change to the Redskins name would be able to help the franchise in any way, or the morale of the fans is uncertain, but they certainly need something to boost the team after such a disappointing season in 2013.

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