Reckless Driver's Facebook Posts Jeopardize Defense

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Back in May 2008 an Illinois man accused of reckless driving struck and killed a teenage student of the local Romeoville high School. Witnesses say Thomas Maciaszek
was speeding and weaving in and out of traffic when the accident occurred.

The victim, Christina Jungkans was reportedly attempting to make a left hand turn from an adjacent street at the time of the collision.

The subsequent trial found Maciaszek guilty of reckless homicide however, the prosecuting attorney requested the presiding judge put sentencing on hold until the defendants Facebook posts could be reviewed. Apparently there is something suspicious contained in the posts.

According to Maciaszek, he was suffering from great depression and insomnia at the time of the accident. His lack of sleep and focus is what he attributes to the tragedy. The county prosecutor has not yet released what the nature of the Facebook posts were or how they contradict the defendants testimony but, there are rumors that alcohol could have been involved despite the fact that tests revealed he was not intoxicated at the time of the accident.

Jungkan's family and friends are devostated by the sudden accident and death of the young girl. Jungkans made plans to be a judge advocate general lawyer after joining ROTC in high school and her friends report that she was always trying to make them better people.

It is still not clear what role the Facebook posts will play in the sentencing of the offender but the case will be before a judge again wednesday.

[Source: Herald News SunTimes