Rebel Wilson Talks American Gun Laws in Wake of 'Trainwreck' Louisiana Theater Shooting

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Rebel Wilson has lots to say about American gun laws in the wake of the Trainwreck Louisiana theater shooting, during which a man--John Houser--gunned down two young women--Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson--before turning the gun on himself. She believes if America adopted the gun laws Australia has implemented, that far fewer people would die.

It was via Twitter that the Pitch Perfect 2 star shared her thoughts on the matter.

That wasn't all Rebel Wilson had to say, either.

She certainly shared some food for thought.

In addition to Rebel Wilson, Trainwreck star Amy Schumer shared her feelings about the tragedy via social media. While her thoughts weren't political in nature, like Rebel Wilson's, they certainly resonated with everyone who read of the unthinkable tragedy.

What's your take on Rebel Wilson's thoughts about American gun laws? If it works in Australia, would it work here as well?

Isn't the bottom line here the safety of human beings? If people can't go to a movie theater without fear of being gunned down, what's next?

Do you expect Rebel Wilson will receive any backlash on her outspokenness regarding American and Australian gun laws?

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