Rebecca Romijn Shares Family's 'Pajama Christmas Card'

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Everyone seems to be getting into the Christmas spirit, and actress-model Rebecca Romijn has joined the ever-growing number.  A couple days ago, she and her husband, actor Jerry O'Connell decided to spread some holiday cheer to the world when they shared their annual Christmas card with the world.

However, it wasn't your average Christmas card picture, which captures a family dressed in their best in front of an illuminate tree or decorated fireplace. The O'Connell family decided they'd change the attire up a bit this year. Although this isn't her first adventure on the quirky side, it takes things to a whole new level!

Dressed alike in matching green Christmas-themed pajama suits, they even decided to include the cats and dogs for the sake of Christmas spirit. Pets are family too, right?! They definitely are as far as Romijn and O'Connell are concerned. They even had on matching pajamas just as any other member of the family!

Romijn took to Twitter last Thursday to share candid images from the family's fun-filled photo-shoot. The pictures capture the comedic effort it takes to get the kids and pets to stay still long enough to capture the memorable moment. She tweeted the message, ""Happy Holidays from all nine of us!!", along with the pictures.

While Christmas is definitely 'the most wonderful time of the year.' The happy family has even more to celebrate. In addition to the holiday season, the happy couple will be celebrating the 5th birthday of their twins, Saturday Dec. 28.

Romijn, 40, also spoke with People Magazine about the upcoming holiday season, and the girls' birthday. She jokingly shared of how the dramatic affects of Christmas carry over to the girls' birthday. "We can't even get them to open presents on their birthday," Romijn quipped with People Magazine. "They're like, 'We're still sick of presents from Christmas.'"

Image via Twitter | Rebecca Romijn

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