Rebecca Ferguson Upstages Tom Cruise On Red Carpet At "Rogue Nation" Premiere

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Rebecca Ferguson worked with a world-class movie star, Tom Cruise, while filming Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.

But, Rebecca Ferguson, while lesser known than Cruise, wasn't going to be outdone at the world premiere of their movie.

Rebecca Ferguson was stunning at the Vienna world premiere in a seriously form-fitting red Elie Saab gown with an unthinkable slit up the side.

Rebecca Ferguson accented her bold dress with sky-high heels, soft hair and natural makeup.

What an amazing look on Rebecca Ferguson!

Rebecca Ferguson and her superstar counterpart, Tom Cruise, both looked thrilled at the premiere.

But, likely not as thrilled as Rebecca Ferguson was to meet Tom Cruise in the beginning.

She told, "I think the nerves came after realizing I just met him because it was so fast. I met him basically 17 hours after I had descended from my camel Barbie [while shooting a scene in Morocco for another film]. And it was more of the efficiency of meeting him."

She added, "It was like the car to the flight [to London], 'I have to do this, who's taking care of my son? What am I doing?' And then boom, there he was! And we laughed and had fun and then I left the room going: What the — just happened?"

The reason for her nerves? A teenage crush, not long forgotten.

Rebecca Ferguson also told Elle of her crush, "I was on the treadmill running in the gym and I had forgotten that when I was young, I must've seen Interview with the Vampire: Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, good combo."

She added, "And, I had a recurring dream about him, like a love dream. I was in love with him [and] I was 11, 12? He was probably my one crush."

Careful, Rebecca Ferguson! That's how things started out with Katie Holmes: a teenage crush come to life.

Are you excited to see Rebecca Ferguson in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation?

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