Reba McEntire: Who is the Man She Relies on Since Split from Narvel Blackstock?

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Reba McEntire announced over the summer that she and hubby Narvel Blackstock were through. In a recent interview, the country singer admits there's a new man she's been relying on for a while now.

So who is Reba McEntire's new man?

It was during an interview with a Nashville news station that she shared the scoop.

As any interviewer would have asked, this one inquired as to Reba McEntire's post-divorce well being.

"I'm doing great. I've got my, my faith is strong. And I’ve got my friends, my family and Cullen Bohannon to help me out. So I watch him every night to help me out because I got all of the four seasons downloaded and I watch Cullen Bohannon,” Reba McEntire said.

"And he's helped you through this?"

“He’s helped me through this,” Reba McEntire said.

"How so?"

“Well you just got to see him. He's really good lookin,' and he kind of diverts my attention,” Reba said.

Cullen Bohannon is a character on the AMC show Hell on Wheels. He is played by actor Anson Mount, and yes, he is very handsome.

Reba McEntire's humility has long been part of her charm. Saying she relies on a TV character who happens to be very good-looking is exactly what fans would expect of Reba.

Of course, those fans are likely hoping that one day soon there might be a new man--a real one, not a character--in Reba McEntire's life, too.

Reba McEntire wowed the crowd at the 2015 Country Music Awards earlier this week when she teamed up for a performance with Brooks & Dunn.

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