Reading Rainbow Takes a Dark Turn Following Massively Successful Kickstarter Campaign

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You know how we all just pledged a ton of money so that LevAr Burton can revive Reading Rainbow, on the web, for a new generation?

Ok, maybe we shouldn't have done that.

Reading gives knowledge, and knowledge is power. What kind of power can be obtained from simply taking a look, in a book? Apparently, godlike. And what happens when you develop godlike powers? You sure as hell don't want anyone else sharing in your godlike status.

Remember–what gives the power? Books. Solution? I'll let Funny or Die paint the horrible, post-apocalyptic picture:

Got-damn, LeVar. that's some heavy stuff. Let's hope that the new Reading Rainbow's theme song is a bit brighter when it finally hits the web.

By the way, that Kickstarter currently boats nearly $3.5 million with over 76,000 backers and 28 days to go. LeVar and Reading Rainbow's new stated goal is $5 million.

Image via Funny or Die

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