Raymond Felton, New York Knick, Gets Two Gun Charges

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If the New York Knicks were smart they'd cancel the rest of the season this year and focus on coming back better next season. And the only way they'll be better is if they completely gut the whole team--aside from Carmello Anthony of course--and totally start anew.

The first person they should get rid of is point guard Raymond Felton, because not only has he loused up the basketball court this year by playing horribly, he's just been charged with two counts of felony gun possession by New York City police.

Here's how the whole thing went down: Felton's wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton, recently filed for divorce, and while she was staying in the couples' Manhattan home on the Upper West Side, she felt uncomfortable with the two handguns that Felton had lying around, so she took them to the nearest police station.

Neither of the guns were registered, so Felton was immediately questioned and ultimately charged with two counts of felony gun possession. Plus, Raymondo-Felton said her husband would wave the guns around whenever they argued or whenever he was upset. But police say he never pointed the guns at her directly.

Plaxico Burress, who was a wide receiver for the Giants, and also charged with illegal gun possession a few years ago, said things will eventually look up for Felton.

"It's just one of those things where I think the support system will come together and support him," he said. "I believe that the city of New York will support him."

Reportedly, the 6'1" point guard legally brought the Belgium made handguns when he was in college in North Carolina, but he never registered them when he moved to New York. Both of the guns were also loaded with 18 armor-piercing bullets, police said.

It remains to be seen if Felton will be charged for waving the guns at his wife or not, as those potential charges are still up in the air. However, Raymondo-Felton said she always felt threatened with the guns being in the house.

"When we'd have arguments over our marriage, he would pull out the gun and wave it," she said. "It was obviously done to intimidate me."

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