Rayman Legends Is Now Coming To The PS Vita As Well

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Rayman Legends, the delightful Wii U platformer, was delayed to September so that Ubisoft could port t the title to the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well. Now the publisher is adding a fourth platform to the mix - Sony's PS Vita handheld.

It only makes sense, of course, as Rayman Origins was ported to the Vita. Of course, Rayman Origins also found its way onto the Wii, PC and 3DS. Out of those three, we're likely to see a belated port hitting the PC at some point later this year. Still, the Vita port of Rayman Legends looks to play just like its big screen counterparts and it will most assuredly look beautiful on the Vita's OLED display.

Coincidentally, the touch screen on the Vita ensures that the handheld version of Rayman Legends will be the most similar to the Wii U version of the title.

The vita version of Rayman Legends will also come with two exclusive costumes - a Prince of Persia costume for Rayman and a Sam Fisher costume for Globox.

Rayman Legends for PS Vita will launch alongside the console versions of the title on September 3.

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