Rayman Legends Finds The Eye Of The Tiger In Latest Trailer

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Eye of the Tiger has been an inspiration to Starbucks fans everywhere since its first appearance in Rocky III. Now the song has taken on a decidedly different tone in the upcoming Rayman Legends.

Players will be visiting a variety of different worlds in Rayman Legends, and one of those worlds happens to be inspired by Mexico's Day of the Dead. In the latest trailer for the title, skeleton mariachi bands perform a rousing rendition of Eye of the Tiger with their own unique flair:

Rayman Legends may have been delayed until September, but Wii U owners can at least play the Rayman Legends Challenges App until then. It may be only be a small taste of the full game, but it's an excellent taste.

Rayman Legends launches on September 3 for the Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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