Ray Rice Robbed: Burglar Stole $2000 and Two Guns

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According to police, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was robbed over the weekend.

Reports indicate that Rice's home was burglarized some time between the hours of 8:30 pm Friday and 12:50 am Saturday. In the end, $2000 and two guns were reported stolen.

Rice wasn't at home during the robbery - he was out of town. But a friend was staying at the house and reported the crime. Police say that the burglar made his way into Rice's home through a back window.

Luckily for Rice and police, it appears that the whole thing was caught on surveillance video.

"My family and I are fine, which is the most important thing," Rice said in statement. "This is an unfortunate incident that I am dealing with through the proper channels.''

Rice, a prolific Twitter and Facebook users, isn't using social media to discuss the crime. Instead, he used Facebook on Monday to send his condolences to those affected by the Oklahoma tornado.

Ray Rice

Thoughts and prayers for the people affected in Oklahoma. Absolutely heartbreaking.
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