Ray Rice Knocked Fiancé Unconscious According to Report; Fans Express Outrage Over Footage Via Twitter


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Ray Rice has definitely landed himself in hot water. The Baltimore Ravens' star running back made headlines over the weekend following a physical altercation he had with his fiancé, Janay Palmer.

According to the Atlantic City Municipal Court summons that was issued on Wednesday, Feb. 18, Rice struck Palmer with such force that the hit rendered her unconscious.

The Atlantic City, N.J., police reports that the couple was apprehended early Saturday morning on Feb. 15 following a prior altercation at a casino. Rice, 27, and Palmer, 26, were actually caught on security cameras while they were involved in the altercation.

The couple was charged with simple assault-domestic violence. They both were later released, and received summons to appear in court. But, things began to look a whole lot worse for Rice with the latest development brought to light.

Exclusive footage from the altercation was obtained by TMZ. Once the footage hit the internet, fans saw the NFL star in a whole different light, and most were quite disappointed at what they witnessed. Rice is actually seen dragging his unconscious fiancé out of an elevator, and he didn't do so with much care.

He was actually seen on camera man-handling Palmer, as he threw her on the floor face-down once he drug her all the way out of the elevator. Although police claim the two attacked each other, the footage definitely says otherwise.

Rice's attorney, Michael Diamondstein, released a statement on his behalf in regards to the domestic altercation." There was an argument that included Ray. I can't give any specifics because we haven't seen the document yet. Once we're able to go through the evidence, it should wind up to be little more than a misunderstanding."

Baltimore Ravens' officials also released a brief statement as well. "We are aware of the Friday night situation with Ray Rice and his fiancé. We have spoken with Ray, and know that they returned home together after being detained."

Unfortunately, the statements didn't make Rice's fans feel any better about his apparent abusive behavior. As a matter of fact, Rice's altercation was a top trending topic on Twitter just hours after TMZ released the jaw-dropping footage. A number of fans weighed in tweeting their disdain of Rice's behavior.

At this point, its unclear how things will pan out for the engaged couple, but if the tweets are any indication of Rice's status with the fans, it looks as if he'll definitely have to redeem himself. Hopefully, his reputation isn't permanently tarnished, and the couple can repair their relationship.

Image via Ray Rice, Facebook