Ray Nagin Must Pay Government Over $500,000

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On Tuesday, a federal judge ordered former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to pay over $501,000, which is the total amount he got from bribing and exploiting his position as a Mayor.

Nagin was convicted in February on several counts including conspiracy, money laundering, fraud, and bribery among others. He served as the Mayor of New Orleans from 2002 up to 2010.

According to prosecutors, the amount that Nagin has to pay is the total amount he got from services, money, and goods from several businessmen. Robert Jenkins, Nagin’s attorney, contested the amount and said that his client should pay less, as he shared liability with others.

With his charges, Nagin could face a maximum of 20 years in prison. His sentencing is scheduled on June 11. However, he is asking for the sentencing to be pushed back, so he could take time to prepare for a pre-sentence investigation. Although reports are not available to the public, there are speculations that Nagin’s camp wants the date pushed back so they can formulate a plan to fight the details stated on the report.

The half-a-million amount may be detrimental to Nagin, as he is already in deep water with his finances. Early this month, his wife, Seletha Nagin filed for bankruptcy and the Nagins’ townhouse located outside Dallas was set for foreclosure.

The precise prison term for the ex-Mayor will be based on the findings after the pre-sentencing investigation. They will be considering the number and severity of crimes that Nagin has committed during his years in office.

Nagin was indicted 3 years after leaving office. The City Hall conducted a corruption investigation and Nagin’s technology chief, as well as a city vendor and two businessmen, pleaded guilty to the corruption case. His technology chief testified against him.

Nagin’s attorney stated that he will appeal his client’s conviction.

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