Ray Liotta Sues Skin Care Company

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Ray Liotta claims to have never used the wrinkle cream NeriumAD. He also says that he has no marketing relationship with the company whatsoever. However, the skin care company has been using Liotta's before and after shots on their website as evidence that their age-defying wrinkle cream has worked wonders on the 59-year-old actor's face.

Liotta filed a lawsuit against Nerium International and one its investors, Michael Shouhed who is an actor in the reality program Shahs of Sunset, for using his likeness without his consent. He is also asking the company to remove his pictures from their promotional campaign immediately. The Goodfellas actor alleges that Nerium has been promoting their skin care products on social media sites since October with his face as evidence that their product works.

The actor has very noticeable pock marks on his face. He's had them his whole acting career.

NeriumAD claims to be "a proven wrinkle fighter." The except below is from their website.

But what is it about Nerium that sets it apart from other cosmetics? It’s all about quality, effective ingredients, the most innovative of which is the Nerium oleander plant. More than a decade ago, scientists accidentally discovered how effective Nerium oleander is as a skincare product. By carefully developing an extraction method to preserve the plant’s effectiveness and pair it with other effective ingredients, such as aloe, NeriumAD was born.

Career-wise, Liotta is set to play an arms dealer in the feature film The Field. Production will commence in India this fall. Rohit Karn Batra is attached to direct. Imdb.com describes the films as, "A classic crime narrative in the backdrop of Delhi merges a dysfunctional, mafia family at war with each other as an undercover officer fights his demons by assisting in their downfall."

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