Ray J: Kim Kardashian Look-Alike Stars In "I Hit It First" Video

Amanda CrumLife

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Ray J apparently doesn't want us to forget that he was the one who started the Kim K train a'rollin', because not only did he write a song called "I Hit It First"--which is obviously about Kim--but he made sure to give us visual clues in the video. Namely, the girl in it looks exactly like her, right down to the booty.

With most excellent lyrics like "I hit it, I hit it, I hit it, I hit it, I hit it I hit it first", Ray J clearly put a lot of effort into penning an ode to his ex and wants Kanye to know that if she's ever unhappy, he's willing to make another video with her. And by video, he means hugely successful sex tape. No word yet on how Kanye or Kim feel about it, but there's bound to be some backlash; Kanye isn't known for his restraint.

Amanda Crum
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