Rattlesnake Selfie Costs San Diego Man $150,000 In Medical Bills

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A rattlesnake selfie is perhaps not the best idea.

A San Diego man was nearly killed while trying to take a selfie with a rattlesnake and the medical bill for treatment amounted to whopping $150,000.

Doctors reportedly depleted the anti-venom stash at two different hospitals to treat Todd Fassler, who as it turns out once had a pet rattlesnake of his own.

Apparently, the man has had enough with rattlesnakes and set his pet snake free following the incident.

Fassler said he had the rattlesnake for more than a year but let it go because he thinks animal services would appreciate it.

Earlier this month, Fassler's arm went purple when he yanked the deadly animal from a bush while posing for the perfect shot and the snake bit him, the Mirror reported on Saturday. Now, he has to pay a $153,161 bill. Of this, more than $83,000 was for "pharmacy."

"My whole body was shaking and gyrating. The animal literally paralysed my whole body. My tongue was like out of my mouth, my eyes were off to the side," the man said.

Please, people, refrain from taking a rattlesnake selfie in the future. If not for your life, then perhaps for your wallet.

Pam Wright

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