Rashida Jones Talks Hollywood Stereotypes

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Rashida Jones doesn't think dressing like you want someone to have sex with you is cool. In fact, she sort of shuns the whole Hollywood fashion scene. In the above video clip from about a year ago, Jones talks about her foray into the film world with Celeste and Jesse Forever, as well as how much she loves working on Parks and Recreation, and what is was like being raised by her famous dad, Quincy Jones.

Jones's childhood didn't revolve around being a Hollywood brat, and she is proud of that upbringing. She was chubby. She even keeps a photo on her phone of what she looked like as a teenager.

"There I am. So uncomfortable, so sad, so much food… On family vacations, I used to wake up before everyone else and make a sourdough bread sandwich with butter, eggs, bacon and cheese, and then go back to bed and, like, one hour later be, 'So what's for breakfast?'" She laughs. "So sad."

She makes sure to explain, however, that her childhood was a good one.

"I definitely felt different as a kid. But my parents are hippies in the right way, in that they supported anything I was interested in. So when I would talk about being interested in the law as a kid, they would be like, 'That's so cute! She has her own thing!' The big twist in events is that, after college, I realized I wanted to be an actor, because that wasn't what I had thought I wanted from my life," she explains.

Having just left Parks and Recreation, much to the dismay of fans and the show's cast, she is stepping back into the "behind the scenes" world as a producer, along with Celeste and Jesse Forever costar Andy Samberg and is working on developing some new shows featuring female protagonists who don't portray that "Hollywood norm."

"We're trying to inundate the market with women characters and create choices based on quality and not on stereotypes," Jones says. "I realized I was in this small space with all these super-talented women vying for one part in one movie, and it was always the shitty part in that year's one good movie: someone's wife, or someone's shrew girlfriend. So that has definitely played a part in my decision to act a little less and create a little more, because I want to add more to that conversation about what it takes to be a woman."

Just last year Rashida Jones wrote an article for Glamour magazine that shunned the stereotypical Hollywood woman and disparaged the "pornification of pop culture." She was slammed for that, but she really doesn't care. Glamour clearly liked it. They signed her on to write a monthly column for the magazine.

Can Rashida Jones impact the Hollywood stereotypical woman with her magazine and comedy writing? Maybe. But it likely won't change a lot of things. Hollywood women, for some reason, want to fit a mold. For those who agree with Jones's angle, however, at least there will be some upcoming decent TV shows to watch.

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