Rare Tiger Born at San Francisco Zoo


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The San Francisco Zoo this week announced that a rare sumatran tiger cub was born on Sunday, February 10.

The cub hasn't been named yet and even its gender won't be known for some time. It is currently spending time bonding with its mother, Leanne, at the Lion House in the Zoo. The cub's father, Larry, is continuing to live a normal zoo tiger's life.

The Lion House has been closed "until further notice," and it will be a while before the cub will be on display for the public.

The announcement of the birth came via the San Francisco Zoo's Twitter and Facebook pages.

A San Francisco Chronicle report on the event quoted a San Francisco Zoo zookeeper as saying that Leanne is "responding very well to motherhood" and grooming the cub.

Sumatran Tigers are considered "critically endangered" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The worldwide population of the species is estimated by the group to be less than 700 tigers, total. That minimal population is still declining due to the loss of the tigers' habitat in Sumatra, a western Indonesian island.

(Image courtesy the San Francisco Zoo)