Rapper DMX Arrested With 5-Month Old Daughter

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Rapper DMX was arrested for driving without a license early this morning, and his infant daughter was in the car with him at the time.

The performer--whose real name is Earl Simmons--was pulled over in South Carolina after an officer spotted him at a convenience store and recognized him as someone who'd had previous driving offenses. After Simmons drove off, he was quickly stopped by the officer and taken into custody for driving without a license. The car was turned over to a licensed passenger in the car.

Simmons had already been issued tickets for the same offense in and around the county he was pulled over in, but said he was willing to pay the fine on the spot to avoid having to go to jail. Instead, he was taken in to a detention center, where he was made to wait five hours before he was released.

"When I could have just paid the money right there on the spot," Simmons said. "Basically it was just five hours wasted for nothing. I don't have a court date or a court appearance."

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