Randy Travis Turned Down By Taylor Swift

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You would think that if a country music legend like Randy Travis asked you to sing with him you would say yes. However, there is one person who has flat out refused to partner with Travis ... Taylor Swift.

It was reported that Travis has reached out to Swift in hopes of getting his career back on track after his string of DUIs and his near death experience last year.

According to showbizspy.com, Randy had his people talk to Swift about a possible duet, but she simply said no. "Randy is desperate to get his career back on track,” a source said. “He has had his people reach out to Taylor Swift about a possible duet, but she said no!”

Taylor's career has skyrocketed the past few years, and she continues to belt out number one hits. She has become one of the best known female country singers of all time, and says that she can't be associated with the baggage that comes along with Randy. She wants to maintain her reputation and feels that doing a duet with Travis would flaw her image.

“Taylor is steering well clear of Randy,” another source revealed. “She knows about all his troubles. She can’t be associated with someone like that.” As of right now, neither singer has commented on or confirmed the validity of the rumors.

If this is true, Taylor would be one of the few people to put down Randy. Most of his other fellow country music singers have shown their support for him. During the George Jones tribute last year, Jon Voight took a moment to recognize Travis and his current struggles.

I’m so deeply honored to be in the church of Jones with you all. George Jones had a good friend who was really all of our good friend, and that is Randy Travis. And Randy is going through a great challenge as we speak, and he’s making great strides. And as we know the most important thing, the most important thing to a person’s recovery is their will to recover, and I feel that with all our love and prayers Randy will receive that energy and perhaps, perhaps a miracle may be shown. I know Randy is going to be listening to this. He’s going to be watching this so we have an opportunity to speak to him. Let’s make a human chain of love for Randy. Hold the hand of the person next to you, and…we’ll shout Randy’s name. He’s not too far away from here, he can probably hear us from this building.

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