Randy Travis, Intoxicated & Fist Fighting

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Randy Travis has had a rough year, and, for some reason, he likes getting into shenanigans in church parking lots.

First, he was cited for public intoxication after police found him sitting in the parking lot of a church in Texas. Then, just a couple of weeks ago, he was arrested for driving under the influence after he crashed his car near his home and crawled out naked as a jaybird (only after he'd gone into a gas station that way to buy cigs) and drunk as a skunk. Now, he's been cited again for fighting in a different church parking lot with the estranged husband of his lady friend.

Apparently, the man and Travis' girlfriend were arguing over custody of their children when things got rough, and Travis jumped in to protect her. No word on what that guy was thinking, but we're all pretty sure Randy Travis has gone Honeybadger. Not wise to mess with him.

Early reports said Travis was drunk during the scuffle, but were later recanted.

Amanda Crum
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