Randy Orton: Does He Have A Serious Injury?

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Rumors are spreading that Randy Orton was injured during Monday's WWE Raw Event in Kansas City. The back injury allegedly occurred when Dean Ambrose jumped off the announce table onto the heels.

After the incident, a fan reported that Orton went over to a trainer and said, "The ruptured disc in my back is f*cked." Orton appeared to have trouble getting in and out of the ring after the occurrence.

Orton's injury has not been confirmed or denied, at this point it's all just speculation. However, Orton has suffered from a herniated disc in the past. That injury occurred after Bad News Barrett pushed the wrestler down a flight of stairs in December of 2011 during a Falls Count Anywhere Match. At that time, Orton opted for physical rehabilitation instead of surgery. He made a return to the ring just one month later.

Orton has been in the news this week after rumors spread that he refused Vince McMahon's request to work full-time. In fact, the allegation is that Orton was asking for more time off from the WWE because he was unhappy that he was slated to fight the loser of the Dean Ambrose versus John Cena match, instead of fighting for a championship.

The 34-year-old WWE star has also recently become a Twitter darling. His signature move, the RKO, is hilariously being inserted into RKO Vine clips of people wiping out.

Who knows whether or not the alleged injury will provide an excuse for Orton to take more time off from the ring. If he does have a ruptured disc in his back, the wrestler could require surgery, or he could once again opt for physical rehabilitation.

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