Ramona Singer Reveals How Much Her Husband Changed In Just 3 Years

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Ramona Singer is about to see the release of her new book, Life On The Ramona Coaster, at the end of this month, and she recently talked a bit about one of the biggest life changes she reveals in the bio: finding out her husband of 22 years was having an affair.

It wasn't just that he was unfaithful; Singer says she watched him change into a completely different person in just a few years, but at the time she didn't realize what was happening.

"The person Mario is right now standing in front of me is not the person he was three years ago. He's always had sometimes this negative energy and I would push him to be more positive, but after a certain point how much can I push him? I couldn't fix him," Singer said.

Ramona and Mario are no longer together, and she says she believes the beginning of the end might have been when she started to become really famous due to the Real Housewives Of New York.

“I think Mario felt that we were no longer a team. It was my success as a celebrity reality star that bothered him," Ramona said.

Ramona said she noticed that Mario would suddenly start getting upset if they were out together and her fans approached them.

"If someone said, "Can I take a photo with Ramona?" or interrupted our conversation at dinner, he would get upset. He could have jumped in but he continued to be passive. The affair was really a symptom of unhappiness," Ramona said.

Singer actually tried to reconcile with Mario after she caught him cheating, but things ultimately did not work out. She took to Facebook to let her fans know they were separating for good, saying she was excited to move on.

Life On The Ramona Coaster is due out July 28.

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