Ramona Singer Reportedly Close To Completing Divorce

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Ramona Singer, one of the stars of The Real Housewives Of New York, was reportedly overheard recently saying that her divorce is about to be final, and a source says she's happy at the prospect of moving on after a cheating scandal rocked her marriage.

Singer was attending a birthday lunch at the Mark Hotel when she was heard dishing about her husband and a possible new relationship after her husband, Mario, allegedly had a long-term affair with a 31-year old.

"I overheard Ramona say her divorce was almost over. She was saying that she was so happy and that she's excited to move on with her life and leave the past behind her. She was drinking champagne and very open about it; there was no wringing of hands or crying or complaining. She said she was dating, but she wouldn't say whom."

Singer told Us Weekly recently that she feels like she's a much calmer person now that her marriage is almost behind her, and that she has a renewed bond with the other women on the show, including Bethenny Frankel.

"You're going to see us bond in a different way. She's a tough cookie, and we fight like cats, but there's some situations she and I had, where the old Ramona would let it continue. If she's getting angry at me now, it's something else going on in her life, not me. I have more patience for her this season...being betrayed by your spouse is probably the worst thing that can happen to a person, and it humbled me big time. You're going to see a side I've never exposed before: A more sensitive, fun side. Luann de Lesseps says divorce suits me. I'm in a great place," Singer said.

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