Rain Gets A Beautiful Launch Trailer


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Sony Japan Studio captured the hearts of thousands earlier this month with the delightful Puppeteer. Now Sony's Japan Studio is at it again with a title that may just be the most beautiful game of the year.

Sony released the launch trailer for rain today - a title that promises to be every bit as impactful as Ico was over a decade ago. Just like in Ico, players in rain take on the role of a small boy maneuvering through a mysterious world. Unlike in Ueda's masterpiece, however, the player character can only be seen in rain as he simply vanishes in dry spots.

Alongside the exploration-based aspects of the title, players will also be avoiding enemies that can only exist in the rain. While they're avoiding these enemies, the player will be chasing a mysterious girl that has appeared in the rain.

Rain will be available tomorrow on the PSN, and is now available for preorder. Those who do preorder the title will get an exclusive dynamic theme.

[Image: PlayStation/YouTube]