Radiohead In 8-Bit Sound Quality

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Remember the dulcet sounds of video game soundtracks in 8-bit format? Music from titles like Double Dragon and the first Mario Brothers? Of course you do. If not, take a moment to remind yourself. Now that that's taken care of, imagine what one of the most popular bands--I said band, not pop singers for those of you guessing Katy Perry or the chick who sings "Call Me Maybe"--in the world would sound like in that manner.

Thanks to the efforts of Quinton Sung, we now know exactly like such a thing would sound like, thanks to his conversion of Radiohead's Kid A and OK Computer to the 8-bit sound format and uploaded them to YouTube. Not just songs from these albums, mind you--although, there are some of those available as well--but the entire albums.

Not only that, but with Kid A, there are clickable annotations that allow you to jump to each song on the album. Check it out:

Naturally, this find has made the social media newswires all over, appearing in places like Buzzfeed and Boing Boing, for instance. The 8-bit conversions didn't miss Twitter's eye, either:

I had planned on writing the Wrap Up today, then I found full-length 8-Bit versions of Radiohead's OK Computer & Kid A
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No they are not. RT @UPROXX: 8-Bit Renditions Of Radiohead’s Two Best Albums Are Not A Let Down
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Paranoid Android in 8-bit is unreal must listen > Radiohead's 'OK Computer' and 'Kid A' get an 8-bit reimagining
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esto es increíble. Quiero un vídeojuego de Radiohead via @PlayGrounder
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Mi gusta, también.

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