Rachel Uchitel Sheds Mistress Title To Welcome Baby

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Rachel Uchitel, who found herself in the middle of some scandalous celebrity stories a couple of years ago, is trying to shake the image of herself that has been portrayed by various news outlets by starting a new family.

Uchitel was named as Tiger Woods' first mistress during the controversy that rocked the pro-golfer's world in 2010, and was later linked to actor David Boreanz (Bones), whom she was reportedly having an affair with (which she denies).

Uchitel has had a rough time when it comes to relationships; her former fiance, James Andrew O'Grady, was killed during the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11. She married Wall Street trader Steven Ehrenkranz in 2004, but the marriage didn't last long. Uchitel wed current husband, Matt Hahn, last October and announced she was pregnant in December. The nightclub owner says she wants to focus on her family now.

"We are really happy and feel extremely fortunate to have one another," she said of her relationship with her husband.

Uchitel gave birth to baby girl Wyatt Lilly on Tuesday night, a few days after her due date.

#iRockOn Rachel Uchitel Welcomes Baby Girl, and Yes, Tiger Woods Is NOT The Daddy P7MN4R9K7JAD - http://t.co/42085KYf
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Rachel Uchitel had a baby girl. Tiger Woods sent flowers and a note that said, "See you in 18 years. xoxo."
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What?! Let me find out he did! RT @entylawyer: Rachel Uchitel had a baby girl. Tiger Woods sent (cont) http://t.co/KqOBGIfs
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