R2-D2 Collection Rolls Away With My Heart

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So, today a picture surfaced of a young woman who made a pair of R2-D2 shorts. She hand painted them and they look awesome. It got me thinking, what other cool stuff is out there that is inspired by our favorite non annoying droid? I scoured the internet and these are my favorites. There are aprons, shoes, swimsuits, something for everyone!

R2-D2 Shorts:

Someone named Productive Slacker decided to make her own shorts because they dont sell these anywhere. She actually hand painted these!


R2-D2 Swimsuit:

The swimsuit was from a company called Black Milk Clothing. While it is no longer for sale through their company, there is one available on ebay going fo a ton of money!


R2-D2 Shoes:

These hand painted shoes were created by Kara Setkiewicz from New York City and they are enough to make you want to go for a walk just to show off your awesome shoes!


R2-D2 Skirt:

This skirt was made by Ashley Mertz in New York City. Each skirt is actually hand made by her. So if you want one be prepared to wait!


R2D2 Apron:

This great Artoo apron is made by Haute Mess Threads and goes for a cool $70.00. Make sure that you have your droid fire extinguisher ready when you cook in this.


R2-D2 Helmet:

This helmet was made by Jennifer Hall from Philadelphia. She did it just to spruce up her exsisting helmet. Too bad she isn't selling them. I'm sure she'd make a killing!


R2-D2 Xbox 360:

Ah the incredibly cool and incredibly expensive Star Wars Xbox 360. This is sure to Red Ring on you in less than 12 parsecs.


R2-D2 Turntable:

This sweet turntable was designed by Full Blown Customs and is sure to lay down some sick beats!


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