Quentin Tarantino: Uma Says Their Relationship Hasn't Changed

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Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman have been close friends for years, and their relationship was only made sharper by their collaboration on the hit double-feature Kill Bill. But as with any male/female friendship, there have always been rumors that there's something more there, and for the most part the duo has declined to comment on them. Now, however, Thurman is opening up a bit about what things are like between them.

"I was discussing [the rumors] with Mr Tarantino last night. He was angry at me for not calling him back because as he said, 'According to the papers we are practically married!' and he laughed hysterically. So our relationship is pretty much what it's always been; people are just having fun with it," she said.

Tarantino has been keeping busy since his last film--Django Unchained--and is reportedly still working on The Hateful Eight even after a script leak earlier this year caused some uncertainty about whether or not it would be made. He's also teaming up with Dynamite Entertainment to create a comic book with a storyline focusing on Django--a wild west bounty hunter--and Zorro.

As for Thurman, she says she took a bit of a break from film to focus on her baby, but is getting back into the swing of things.

"I've kind of been on a hiatus for a while, and I just started getting back to work right now. I had a baby and I also wanted to take a step back, and so I did. I think it's important to have this time to take a step back, analyze things and just breathe."

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