Quentin Tarantino Talks Zorro, "The Hateful Eight"

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Quentin Tarantino attended Comic Con in San Diego over the weekend, and the Django Unchained director spoke a bit about what's coming up on his to-do list and the next stop for Django.

In a rare move, Tarantino has partnered with Dynamite Entertainment to put together a sequel of sorts to the film about Django, a slave who is freed when he crosses paths with a bounty hunter with a deal to strike. However, the sequel won't be captured on celluloid, but will be in comic form. The book will feature a crossover with Zorro, which may seem like an odd stretch to some but was immediately intriguing to Tarantino.

"I loved the idea. One of the things that I liked so much, I grew up reading western comics and entertainment in general, whether it was the Zorro comics, or the Disney show, or Zorro's Fighting Legend. What I thought was such a great idea was taking the most famous fictional Mexican western hero, and putting him together with one of the most famous black western heroes," Tarantino said.

Tarantino also confirmed that he is working on The Hateful Eight, despite some concern earlier this year that it wouldn't get made after the director announced the script had been leaked.

“I gave it to one of the producers on Django Unchained, Reggie Hudlin, and he let an agent come to his house and read it. That’s a betrayal, but not crippling because the agent didn’t end up with the script. There is an ugly maliciousness to the rest of it. I gave it to three actors: Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern, Tim Roth. The one I know didn’t do this is Tim Roth. One of the others let their agent read it, and that agent has now passed it on to everyone in Hollywood. I don’t know how these fucking agents work, but I’m not making this next. I’m going to publish it, and that’s it for now. I give it out to six people, and if I can’t trust them to that degree, then I have no desire to make it. I’ll publish it. I’m done. I’ll move on to the next thing. I’ve got 10 more where that came from," he said in January.

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