Quentin Tarantino Receives Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Renown film maker Quentin Tarantino received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday.

Hundreds of fans, as well as friends and collaborators were on hand for the celebration. Often called Quentin Tarantino's "partner in crime," one of those friends was Samuel L. Jackson, who was celebrating his 67th birthday as well as his good friend's star.

"Knowing what kind of cinephile he is, the reverence he holds for these names, I was very, very proud the day I got my star and I know what it means to him, cause of what he thinks and how he reveres this business and the art of filmmaking,” Jackson told the crowd of Quentin Tarantino. “There aren’t a lot of people in this business who still look at filmmaking the way Quentin does and the purity of what it is and what it should be.”

Tarantino's latest film, The Hateful Eight, received a Golden Globe nomination ahead of its release.

“I take it seriously that I am a member of this community, I am a member of this town,“ Quentin Tarantino said, addressing the crowd. "I’m happy to have my star on the Walk of Fame with all the other people who have done a wonderful job in this town.”

Quentin Tarantino is often referred to as one of the greatest film makers of recent decades. Congratulations to him for getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Kimberly Ripley
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