Queen Latifah Talks New Music And Super Bowl Performance


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Queen Latifah has been quite busy over the past couple weeks.

First, the Queen stepped into the role of officiator, marrying 33 couples live at the 56th annual Grammy Awards last weekend.

Then yesterday, she ventured back into the world of music, as she sang "America the Beautiful" at Super Bowl XLVIII.

Right before she took the field, Latifah weighed in sharing her remarks about performing for the biggest NFL game of the year.

She spoke of the historic values that the song represents.

"Anybody who takes it as a joke ... to me, I don't know if they really get it," she said backstage after her performance. "This is moment where for a change we all can ... come together and (have) a sense of pride, and not really worry about anything else that goes on Monday morning."

Latifah also shared something else that fans can look forward to this year. She revealed that she's working on new music.

According to the Associated Press, she's looking to release the new material later this year. Although the Joyful Noise singer-actress successfully launched The Queen Latifah Show back in September, she still has yet another desire.

Its no secret that Latifah's humble beginnings stem from the stage. So, it also comes as no surprise that the 43-year-old former rapper is looking to get back to her roots where it all started, with just a mic and a rhyme.

"I'm already working on stuff with that," she said of the new music. "I can kind of interweave that with the talk show. ...It's time to jack another day at the show, give the interviews a break for one day and just perform and rock the crowd. So, I have the best platform to do it."

Latifah, widely known for her Grammy Award-winning song "U.N.I.T.Y.," has not announced any further details about the upcoming project as of yet.

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