Queen Latifah Honored By Super Bowl Gig

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Queen Latifah sang America the Beautiful at the Super Bowl on Sunday and said she was honored to be a part of the biggest football game of the year. She says the history of the game and the responsibility to honor that tradition is a huge undertaking--and one she didn't take lightly.

"Anybody who takes it as a joke ... to me, I don't know if they really get it," she said following her impressive performance. "This is moment where for a change we all can ... come together and (have) a sense of pride, and not really worry about anything else that goes on Monday morning."

On Monday morning people are talking about little else besides the Super Bowl. Queen Latifah is no doubt back to work, however, as she has new music on her mind. She is using her new show, The Queen Latifah Show as the perfect sounding board for her upcoming tracks.

"I'm already working on stuff with that," she said of her new songs. "I can kind of interweave that with the talk show. ...It's time to jack another day at the show, give the interviews a break for one day and just perform and rock the crowd. So, I have the best platform to do it."

Queen Latifah is an actor and a singer and now, of course, can add talk show host to her list of successful credits. On Sunday she added Super Bowl performer to her list--but more importantly to her bank of exciting memories. The Super Bowl is an American tradition, and to have sung a song like America the Beautiful to the fans and players there rightly made her proud--of her abilities and no doubt of simply be an American.

Did you catch Queen Latifah's performance on Super Bowl Sunday? Will you be checking out her new songs when they are released?

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