Quantum Conundrum For PC Now Available in Every Dimension

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Quantum Conundrum, the new puzzle game from one of the creators of Portal, has officially launched for the PC. The game is available through Valve's Steam platform for $14.99. In addition, players can opt to purchase a "Season Pass" version of the game for $19.99, which includes a soundtrack and two upcoming downloadable content (DLC) packs. Console gamers feeling left out won't have long to wait - Quantum Conundrum will be released through the PlayStation Network on July 10, and through the Xbox LIVE Arcade on July 11.

“Quantum Conundrum is one of the most innovative, thought-provoking games of 2012 from one of the great designers of our industry, Kim Swift,” said Mike Fischer, president and CEO of Square Enix, Inc. “We’re proud to launch the next evolution of puzzle games and we’re anxious to see how gamers react.”

Fischer might be required to praise the titles his company releases, but in this case he's not just blowing hot air. Quantum Conundrum received quite a bit of praise at E3, including nominations for best new franchise, most innovative title, and Best Puzzle Game from IGN.

Developed by Airtight Games, the title puts players in the role of a boy who stumbles into his uncle's home, which is used to test wild inventions. The uncle, voiced by John de Lancie, is lost in another dimension and guides the player through puzzles that require an Inter-Dimensional Shift Device to alter the physics of the world. Take a look at the E3 trailer for the game below and visit the Steam Store to purchase the game for PC.

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