Quadruple Homicide: Kyle Flack To Stand Trial


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Following a two day preliminary hearing, a man accused of killing four people has been ordered to stand trial in Kansas on charges that include capital murder, first-degree murder, and criminal possession of a firearm.

Kyle Flack will stand trial for the murders of Andrew Stout, Steven White, Kaylie Bailey, and Lana-Leigh Bailey. Lana-Leigh was just 18-months-old. The toddler is thought to have been killed in the same bedroom as her mother, Kaylie.

The deaths of Kaylie and Lana-Leigh have proven to be the most disturbing aspect of the quadruple murder. According to the testimony of Dr. Erik Mitchell, a forensic pathologist, Kaylie Bailey was the only victim that had been tied up and gagged prior to her death. Mitchell called it an "execution" as she was shot in the head at close range. He concluded that "something awful happened to her" before she was killed.

Flack had been charged with one count of rape, however Franklin County Judge Thomas Sachse dismissed it on the grounds that the the prosecution had not met the burden needed to prove probable cause.

Her daughter Lana-Leigh, Mitchell testified, had been shot in the chest. The toddler was then carefully wrapped in a towel, and placed in an almost fetal position inside a suitcase. The suitcase containing her young body was then tossed into the river.

The male victims, Stout and White, were each shot multiple times and both were shot in the head.

The bodies of the adults were discovered in early May Stout's Ottawa farm . Lana-Leigh's body would not be found until about a week after the other victims in the suitcase that was pulled from a creek in Osage County.

The only motive provided thus far seemed to revolve around an argument over rent. Flack also claimed that one of the deceased, Stout, had given him the weapon.

The prosecution declined to comment at this time as to whether or not they will be seeking the death penalty.

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