Qatar Teacher Arrests: British Teacher Killed, Suspects Brought Into Custody


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Lauren Patterson was a 24-year-old primary school teacher from the UK, who was teaching in the Gulf state of Qatar. The young woman was last seen in the early morning hours on October 12th, after she had been out on the town, hanging out in a five star hotel's nightclub, where she was seen in the company of two unidentified men. Lauren was declared missing that morning, and her boyfriend, James Grima, launched a social media campaign to find his missing girlfriend. After dozens of pictures and pleas posted to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the hard news hit both James and the rest of Lauren's family; her body had been found, and Lauren was dead.

Qatar's Interior Ministry, in a statement written in English on its website, claimed, "The police has arrested the suspects of a European woman's murder. The case has been referred to Public Prosecution to complete further judicial procedures applicable in this regard." The Internior Ministry has yet to say anything more concerning the case, casting some suspense and lack of clarity on the whole situation.

Allegedly, two suspects have been taken into custody concerning Lauren's death. However, no official information has been given, making it unclear how long the trail will last, or if the right culprits are even in custody. The lack of information is concerning, especially for Lauren's loved ones.

Despite this lack of clarity, many of Lauren's loved ones have seemed to make peace with their loss. James wrote, "I was so happy that I had finally found someone that could my change my life so much, and in such a positive way too - Rest In Peace babe, I will always look up at the sky cause you always were the brightest star and always will be." Hopefully, peace can be brought to Lauren's family and friends soon through justice and light being brought to this terrible situation.

[Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.]