Python Pizza Is an Internet Sensation

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Move over Pepperoni and Sausage, never thought of before toppings are slithering their way onto Florida pizzas dished out in the Sunshine State. Evan's Neighborhood Pizza in Fort Myers may have originally devised something called an "Everglades Pizza" as a Facebook gimmick, but now people are actually buying it. Their python pizza has even gone viral.

What's in the pie, you dare ask? Think about a swamp, then think about what you would find in a swamp, that's a good place to start. We're dealing with alligator, hog and frog legs. Throw in a little swamp cabbage and tomato for color, and you've got the Everglades on a crust.

Sure, the meat on the pizza is described as being a bit chewy and also a tad gamey, but many regulars and tourists alike are intrigued enough to try a slice. Evan Daniell, owner of the pizza joint, said that the restaurant marinates the meat and slices it into small pieces in order to enhance the taste. He spoke about the internet buzz that the pie has sparked, "It was just to create talk about the shop and being creative and this thing literally just went viral." He added, "People talk about it all the time and whether it's negative or positive, it really doesn't matter because the fact is we can make it and it's delicious."

And if you're still not impressed by Daniell's creativity, don't worry, the visionary pizzaman has some other ideas brewing. How about a Roadkill Pizza with a little racoon and possum? Daniell is all for pushing the limits of the pizza envelope but he confessed, "I've yet to find a supplier."

The Everglades Pie is not cheap at $45, so if you're going to try it, be sure to bring your wallet.

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