Puzzle Game Pavilion Previewed For PlayStation 4

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As seen in the near-weekly announcements from Sony, indie games appear to have a new home in the PlayStation 4. Dozens of new indie games will be making their way to Sony's new console this year, and a few of them will probably be free through PS Plus as well.

Today Visiontrick Media took to the PlayStation Blog to preview its puzzle indie game Pavilion. The game was announced for PS4 and PS Vita at last year's Tokyo Game Show.

Pavilion is a puzzle game in which players will explore a mysterious world through a top-down perspective while leading a character through it. The catch is that that character is not directly controlled by the player. Instead, players will have to interact with the game's environment, changing conditions and influencing events to encourage the character to move the game forward. For this reason Visiontrick is marketing Pavilion as a "fourth-person" puzzle game.

The concept is illustrated in a new teaser trailer that illustrates both the gameplay and interesting art style of Pavilion:

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