Puppy Locked In Car For A Month, Survives

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A miracle puppy has survived after being locked in a car for almost a month, Missouri authorities say.

When a Chevy Suburban was towed to a city lot on April 8th, the doors were locked and authorities couldn't enter the vehicle. For that reason, the puppy, who has been named Kia by her rescuers, went unnoticed until Monday, when an employee at the tow lot saw her lying in the window.

"We will give her some proper medical care. She is very, very dehydrated and obviously very malnourished," said Tori Fugate, spokeswoman for the Kansas City Pet Project. "We will get some food in her."

The dog apparently survived on fast food remnants from bags strewn about the vehicle but obviously had no access to water the entire time she was locked up. Despite being dehydrated, Kia is recovering from her long stay inside the car and is living with a foster family until she is well enough to go up for adoption.

The car, which was found abandoned and blocking an interstate on-ramp, was protected by state law, which says no one can enter a locked vehicle until it is cleared to go up for auction. If it hadn't been for a chance sighting, Kia would probably have died within the week.

"I am not sure how the dog miraculously survived its encampment," government spokesman Danny Rotert said. "We are very happy Kia has found a foster home. We're excited that she's healthy and on the mend. It's pretty miraculous, and we are so sorry that it happened. Poor pup."

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