PS4, Xbox One Component Shipments Flowing


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Pre-orders for next-generation consoles are higher than any console launch in history, and both Microsoft and Sony have ramped up production to keep up with demand.

A DigiTimes report today states that shipments of components for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are expected to "boom" throughout the holiday quarter. The report's unnamed "Taiwan-based supply chain makers" are quoted as saying that high pre-orders for next-gen consoles have surprised even Sony and Microsoft, and the manufacturers have been pressuring component makers to deliver since the second quarter of 2013.

Reportedly, the original plan was for component shipments to increase slowly over August and September before hitting their peak in October. However, DigiTimes' sources state that pressure from Sony and Microsoft has resulted in increased shipments and that component shipments already peaked sometime in September. Peak shipment volumes are predicted to be sustained throughout the fourth quarter of 2013 and possibly beyond.

Sony recently announced that it already has over 1 million PlayStation 4 pre-orders. Microsoft has not discusses pre-order estimates, but is presumably doing well in at least the North American market. Microsoft has packed-in EA Sports' FIFA 14 with pre-ordered Xbox One consoles in Europe to boost its numbers in that market. Rumors this summer held that the Xbox One was seeing manufacturing delays over poor yields of some components. Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are expected to sell out of available stock on their respective launch days.