PS4 Won't Support Existing PS3 Headsets At Launch

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Here's a scenario - You spent $150 last year on a nice Turtle Beach headset for your PS3. It works great, and you fully expect it to work great on the PS4 you pre-ordered. Well, the good news is that it most likely will. The bad news is that it won't work at launch.

Game Informer reports today that the PS4 won't support any PS3 headsets for chat at launch. The functionality will be patched in at a later date for most headsets, but one type of headset is getting left high and dry.

Here's where things get a little tricky. According to a Sony official, the PS4 will add support for official Sony branded PULSE gaming headsets and USB-powered headsets through a patch that will be delivered post launch. Digital optical headsets will deliver in-game audio on day one, but chat capabilities will be added at a later date.

Unfortunately, it seems that any and all bluetooth PS3 headsets won't work on the PS4 as the console won't be able to recognize them. It makes little sense as the Bluetooth 2.1 in the PS4 is backwards compatible with the PS3's Bluetooth 2.0 signals. The reason behind this is something that only Sony knows.

In short, those who have anything but a bluetooth PS3 headset should be good when it comes to the PS4. You'll just have to wait a bit for Sony to add support through a patch. Until then, you'll just have to put up with the bundled earbud headset that ships with every PS4.

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