PS3 To Get Increased PS2 Library....In Japan

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That day that a lot of people have been waiting for is finally upon us. The day that you can go to the PSN store and download your favorite game from 10 years ago. If you live in Japan that is. In a “what the hell is your problem Sony” moment, the video game giant announced that their “Game Archives” retro download service will expand immensely to start including more and more PS2 games in the near future.

The July 25th release date will include 5 games:

- Resident Evil Code: Veronica (Capcom): ¥1,200

-Kessen (Tecmo Koei): ¥1,500

- Shin Contra (aka “Contra: Shattered Soldier,” Konami): ¥1,200

- Dragon Force (Sega): ¥800

- Siren (Sony): ¥1,200

Soon afterwards the title choice will expand by offering even more PS2 titles. These new releases will appear once a month and will include titles like:

- Dead or Alive 2 Hard Core (Tecmo Koei): ¥1,500

- Castlevania (Konami): ¥1,200

- Dynamite Dekka (aka Die-Hard Arcade, Sega): ¥800

- Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box (Sega): ¥800

- Dark Cloud (Sony): ¥1,200

Hopefully Sony will get on the ball and bring this service to the US. There are a lot of die hard Playstation fans that called it quits the day the PS3 lost its backwards compatibility for PS2 games. Just when I thought Sony was listening too!

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