Prove That You Love Your Cat With These $1,000 Headphones

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You love your cat and want the very best for them. As you live your life in cold indifference to the world, you can rely on Mr. Fuzzybottoms to make your blues go away. He's not even a pet anymore. He's a member of the family. As such, you might be compelled to spend $1,000 on a pair of headphones for said cat.

Decent DJ and master troll Deadmau5 also loves his cat. Instead of giving it a stupid name like Mr. Fuzzybottoms though, he named his cat Professor Meowingtons pHD. Considering the career of Deadmau5, it only makes sense that he would create a pair of headphones made just for cats.

Deadmau5 and his cat worked together with Sol Republic to create a scaled down version of their immensely popular Tracks headphones. Professor Meowingtons pHD couldn't be more pleased.

“For too long, felines around the world have had to listen to music solely through speakers, or through ill-fitting headphones designed for humans,” Prof. Meowingtons said through an interpreter. “My SOL REPUBLIC headphones for cats are the world’s first headphones designed by cats, for cats. Our extensive testing has indicated that the headphones will also fit small dogs, but they are not for dogs. I’m not kidding, don’t even think about putting these things on a dog.”

If you find that Professor Meowingtons pHD makes a convincing argument, you'll be able to grab a pair of the headphones this month for the low price of $1,000. Be quick though, as there is only 10 of them available. All proceeds will go to ASPCA to help other cats get their pHD in whatever Professor Meowingtons has his in. If you want to know more about the crazy adventures of Professor Meowingtons pHD, you can follow his Tumblr.

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