Prometheus Trailer Looks A Lot Like Alien

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Prometheus is one of those few movies that I plan on seeing day one. I love Ridley Scott and I love Alien. Good thing the new Prometheus trailer sets up the movie to be exactly like Alien.

Speaking of the trailer though, it has a few things worth looking out for. You should be able to notice a lot of architecture that was present in the first Alien movie. There's a point near the middle where the team is inside of a room which seems to be full of small totems. It's teased out that these are actually eggs.

We don't actually get to really see the threat that is in this movie, but it doesn't look like a Xenomorph. There are, however, a few things that look very Alien-ish. There's a quick cutaway in the trailer that seems to show a man struggling with something on his face. Is it a facehugger or perhaps an early form of the species? We don't know, but it's obvious that Scott is going for an Alien vibe with this film and that's totally fine by me.

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think. Can you spot any other things in the trailer that remind you of Alien?

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