Pro-Life Group 'Live Action' Accuses Planned Parenthood of Allowing Sex-Selective Abortions

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The Pro-life activist group Live Action is accusing Planned Parenthood of complicity in allowing the termination of a pregnancy based on the gender of the fetus.

“This was a multi-state, national investigation demonstrating that this is a widespread problem across our country,” Live Action's Lila Rose told The Daily Caller.

“First of all, the statistics and studies indicate that we are adding to the growing problem across the world of sex-selective targeting of unborn girls for abortion. We are going to be demonstrating — starting with this video from Texas — that the abortion industry in the United States is aiding and abetting this horrific problem.”

“In this video, what is astounding is that Rebecca, the Planned Parenthood counselor, starts arranging with the actor about how to get a late-term abortion. To wait until her pregnancy is so developed that — and using Medicaid for this, using the state to pay for the ultrasound to determine the gender, and then to do a late term abortion if it was a little girl.”

Live Action says this is the first in a series of videos that shows how America's abortion clinics willingly take place in sex-selective abortions.

They do not say how many clinics went along with gender-based abortion criteria, or how many they visited to get the reaction shown on the video.

According to the Daily Caller, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Arizona are the only four states that have laws preventing sex-selective abortions.

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