"Prisoners" Scores Well With Audiences


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Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal wowed audiences in their 2013 thriller, "Prisoners" performance as a desperate father and sleepless detective. The film follows closely to the ongoing hunt for two missing girls through each mans exhausting perspective.

The film opens with Hugh Dover (Jackman) saying the lords prayer while hunting with his son. Immediately we are introduced to the life of the Dover family all through the patriarch's manner, disposition and words.

Jackman's character is a sometimes paranoid, always prepared father of two as well as a devoted husband and caring friend. So when his young daughter and best friend's daughter go missing on Thanksgiving, it's strictly in his nature to find them-no matter what.

Aside from the constant on-your-edge-neck-tensed-up vibe throughout the film, the way "Prisoners" is shot was beautifully done. The subtle zooms and wide shots makes you feel as if you're the one intruding on the family. It's eerily shot, creating a gloomy vibe of sadness and desperation to find the little girls.

Paul Dano does an outstanding job playing mentally unstable and original suspect in the missing girls case as "Alex Jones." His character is unpredictably aggressive and quite bizarre with a meek, childlike mentality. Instantly, you're unsure of his state but desire answers as badly as the missing girls' family.

While the movie is a little lengthy, you're never sitting there wondering when it will come to an end. "Prisoners" throws out many different pitches, keeping the audience consistently entertained and captivated.

Watch the trailer for "Prisoners" here.

Photo Credit: Youtube