Priscilla Presley and Her Alleged Scientologist Lover

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Priscilla Presley finds herself at the center of the latest rumor involving Scientology and the odd way things are said to be handled within the organization.

According to a report in a recent edition of The Enquirer, a source for the magazine has read a top-secret church document within the Scientology archives that outlines an affair between Priscilla Presley and a high-ranking "auditor" within the church.

“He was auditing her, and then they were sleeping together,” the source told Enquirer.

Auditing has nothing to do with financial records, but is a counseling session that uses an electronic device patented by the Church of Scientology to supposedly help people release emotional baggage.

According to Enquirer, persons conducting audits are tasked with helping a person achieve a state called "clear," when all such emotional baggage -- and the alien souls that accompany them -- are removed. A person who has not completed this process is called "pre-clear."

The Enquirer found the former Scientologist referred to in the documents. He now is 58, is married, and lives in Florida. He would not confirm or deny the story.

“I had a lot of pre-clears, but I really don’t want to be talking about anything regarding the church,” the man said.

A rep for Priscilla Presley said, “Ms. Presley never had a sexual relationship nor did she sleep with an auditor in the Church of Scientology,”

This story is just one of the many that have floated around for years on the Internet, but are seeing an upswing in the wake of the HBO documentary Going Clear. The doc has caused controversy and attracted lots of attention to the beliefs and practices of Scientology.

John Travolta, himself a noted Scientologist, takes issue with the documentary, saying it was produced by "people who were disgruntled with their experiences" with Scientology.

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